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The Church in the Age of Constantine / Johannes Roldanus

Titel: The Church in the Age of Constantine
Ondertitel: The Theological Challenges
Auteur: Johannes Roldanus
Pagina's: 256
Uitgeverij: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Jaar: 2006
ISBN10: 0415409047
ISBN13: 9780415409049
Taal: Engels
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Beschrijving: The Church in the Age of Constantine provides a refined theological screening of the doctrinal and ethical thinking during the fourth century. Relating biblical essentials to ancient cosmology and anthropology, Roldanus uses the concept of 'contextualisation' to appreciate this process. He makes clear that, however much the winning positions were dependent on the interfering of the State, the theological reflection went nevertheless its proper way, conditioned as it was by various understandings of salvation-in-Christ. There was a natural concern to relate salvation to the most important elements of the existing culture. Providing models for reflection on inculturation, this study helps students to focus on the essentials and to form and unprejudiced opinion on this crucial period of history.
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